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your idea

If you have a project and our products don’t match perfectly with it, but it can be designed using the same materials, then we are ready to help you. All we need is a sketch or an idea to work with. And we can get to work!

The last project we’ve made in this manner was for Humanitas – Takumi Bookshop in Bucharest, Balcescu Blvd. The lampshades are made of wenge varnished MDF, laser cut and personalized as requested by the architect. The LED bulbs and the pendant holders are, of course, MAGIC LED products.

(pictures from project:

What is cork?

The cork is the bark of cork oak, the only tree whose bark is regenerated, being both 100% natural raw material and eco-friendly product.

How is cork extracted?

The cork is extracted by manually "peeling" the trees. Its regeneration takes 9 years. After each regeneration, a different quality of cork is obtained, better and better.

What kind of processing does cork supports?

The cork can be ground and finished if it is to be applied in interior decoration. It can be colored by developing a multitude of model and color finishes.

What are the properties of cork?

It's a very light material - Is waterproof and gastight - It is elastic and compressible - It is resilient, with excellent ability to return to the initial form after application of pressure - It is a very good thermal and acoustic insulator - It does not keep burning - It has a high wear resistance

Where can be used?
  • For thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Cork stoppers
  • Upholstery and fashion items
  • Parquet and decorative paneling
  • takumi
  • sigla-humanitas
  • interior-test
  • muta-migala
  • test-takumi-aprins
  • test-materiale
  • sigla-humanitas-final
  • takumi-final
  • gata-de-ambalat
  • muta-migala
  • interior-test
  • gata-de-ambalat

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Cork Boutique was born as a necessity to create natural beauty, to create something easy to use. Cork Boutique is like an escape from the tedious reality that surrounds us. Our products have a Romanian original design and they are eco-friendly. They are practical, stylish and elegant. Add value to the room. As an engineer, I love accuracy and so all the products I create are precise laser cut.  We use recyclable and/or renewable materials.

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