Hawaii Box

corner finish detail

These boxes are made to cover the classic cardboard boxes of napkins. They have an incredible structure of varnished MDF combined with decorative cork and the cover is attached with magnets. They are a true original decorative pieces, with noble and highest quality finishes. They are practical, useful, a proper gift for someone you love.

Standard dimensions: 273x163x88 mm

  • spate-cutie
  • malta-chestnut-fag
  • malta-chestnut-fag
  • tenerife-natural-wenge
  • hawaii-white-wenge
  • tenerife-black-wenge
  • hawaii-blue-fag
  • malta-chestnut-fag-personalizata
  • hawaii-natural-wenge
  • hawaii-brown-wenge
  • tenerife-natural
  • hawaii-black-wenge
  • cutie-galerie-wenge-hawaii-green
  • cutie-galerie-malta-champagne-wenge
  • bali-fag-deschisa

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Cork Boutique was born as a necessity to create natural beauty, to create something easy to use. Cork Boutique is like an escape from the tedious reality that surrounds us. Our products have a Romanian original design and they are eco-friendly. They are practical, stylish and elegant. Add value to the room. As an engineer, I love accuracy and so all the products I create are precise laser cut.  We use recyclable and/or renewable materials.

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