Wenge drops lampshades

wenge drops lampshades

Lampshades interior detail MFN

Lampshades interior detail mfn

For these we got inspired by the Chameleon Frames as as by Takumi project produced by us as well.

Replicator Collections is a series of kinf of special lampshades. Same lampshade can be installed both to a lamp or lampadar holder or simply as a pendul. Assembling is also made with magnets. They are beautiful, fun and easy to adapt to your environment.

Merridians Collection was born by playing with all types of LED bulbs. Up to this moment we only produced the types suitable for pendules but you never know what tomorrow will bring.

  • Picături
  • Rechin
  • Matrix
  • Aripi
  • veioza-picaturi-wenge-aprinsa
  • veioza-valuri-wenge-aprinsa
  • veioza-matrixi-stenjar-aprinsa
  • veioza-valuri-stejar-aprinsa
  • abajur-bec-cu-pendul-gri
  • veioza-miriapod-stejar-aprinsa
  • veioza-mfn-aprinsa
  • abajur-matrix-stejar-cu-pendul-maro
  • veioza-abajur-glob-wenge-aprinsa
  • abajur-valuri-wenge-cu-pendul-maro
  • abajur-glob-wenge
  • abajur-bec-wenge-dezasamblat
  • abajur-bec-wenge-cu-pendul-maro
  • abajur-bec-dezasamblat

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Cork Boutique was born as a necessity to create natural beauty, to create something easy to use. Cork Boutique is like an escape from the tedious reality that surrounds us. Our products have a Romanian original design and they are eco-friendly. They are practical, stylish and elegant. Add value to the room. As an engineer, I love accuracy and so all the products I create are precise laser cut.  We use recyclable and/or renewable materials.

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