desk organizer

wenge hawaii white desk organizer

desk organizer detail

desk organizer wenge hawaii white detail

Here we have the same materials combination with a different utility: an organizer for pens, highlighters, post notes and paper clips.

Equally elegant and customizable.

Standard dimensions: 20x22x10 cm.

  • organizator-800x800
  • organizator-wenge-tenerife-black3
  • organizator-fag-tenerife-black
  • organizator-wenge-hawaii-brown2
  • organizator-fag-malta-chestnut3
  • cu-flori
  • tenerife-black-wenge
  • organizator-fag-malta-chestnut2
  • organizator
  • Hawaii-brown-wenge
  • organizator-fag-malta-chestnut1
  • detaliu-organizator

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Cork Boutique was born as a necessity to create natural beauty, to create something easy to use. Cork Boutique is like an escape from the tedious reality that surrounds us. Our products have a Romanian original design and they are eco-friendly. They are practical, stylish and elegant. Add value to the room. As an engineer, I love accuracy and so all the products I create are precise laser cut.  We use recyclable and/or renewable materials.

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