Globe frame

Walnut Chameleon Frame - Globe Design

Millipede frame

Walnut Chameleon Frame - Myriapod Design

The Cork Boutique story began with them, with the desire to give personality and warmth to the LED panels we were already distributing. Now they are truly original decorative pieces. The outer mask is
attached with magnets and can be changed or dropped in one second!

Standard size: Ø285x65 mm

1. Decorative mask

2. Ornamental ring

3. LED panel with driver

4. Frame

  • rama-galerie-picaturi-pluta-stinsa
  • rama-galerie-miriapod-aprinsa
  • rama-galerie-magic-led-aprins
  • rama-galerie-mfn-stinsa
  • rama-galerie-vultur-nuc-aprins-oblic
  • rama-galerie-mfn-aprinsa
  • rama-galerie-tigru-nuc-aprins-oblic
  • rama-galerie-picaturi-fag-aprinsa-oblic
  • rama-galerie-iluzie-stins-wenge
  • rama-galerie-iluzie-aprins-wenge
  • rama-galerie-glob-stins-wenge

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Cork Boutique was born as a necessity to create natural beauty, to create something easy to use. Cork Boutique is like an escape from the tedious reality that surrounds us. Our products have a Romanian original design and they are eco-friendly. They are practical, stylish and elegant. Add value to the room. As an engineer, I love accuracy and so all the products I create are precise laser cut.  We use recyclable and/or renewable materials.

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